Saturday, July 16, 2011

Motion Tween Animation with Macromedia Flash 8

Macromedia Flash 8 is a software that have many uses. Besides it can be used to make a cartoon animation, this software can also used to make an animation for the website, software tutorial, product presentation, interactive application, flash game etc.

The basic animation feature in Macromedia is motion tween. To make a motion tween animation you just set the first position and the second position of the object and then the object will move from first position to second position automatically. In order to understand about motion tween you can follow my tutorial below:

1. Prepare a 550 x 400 pixel stage by doing double-click on the image below:

2. Change the fps (frame per second) into 30fps.

3. Make a circle object with using the Oval Tool (shortcut O)
4. Select the circle with Selection Tool (shortcut V)
5. Then choose Modify → Convert to Symbol (shortcut F8).
6. In the dialog box below fill the name and choose Movie Clip for the type. And click OK

Then the symbol will be added to the library panel on the right of the stage

7. Then Right-click on the first frame in layer 1 and choose Create Motion Tween.

8. Right-click on frame 15 and choose insert keyframe, then click on frame 15 and move the circle to a new location of the stage (use your creativity)

9. And finally the motion tween animation is finish. Press the Ctrl-Enter to test the animation. ^^

you can download the doc file here 
and the Indonesian version here


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