Saturday, July 16, 2011

Simple Mask Animation with Macromedia Flash 8

Simple Mask Animation
Mask Animation works like we see an object through a mask. So the object will only visible in the hole of the mask. To create a mask animation you can follow my tutorial below:

1.   Prepare the size of the stage and the fps as you like (or just use the default) and change background color into black (#000000)
2.   Make a text “Light Effect” on the stage using Text Tool (shortcut T).
3.   Then set the font size = 40. The font type and the color is up to you
4.   Select the text and then press Ctrl-Alt-2 and Ctrl-Alt-5 so the text move into the middle of the stage
5.   Change the layer 1 name into “mask” with double-click on the layer name. Then click  Insert New Layer and drag it down so the layer position is below the “mask” layer.

6. Right-click on “mask” layer and choose Mask

Then the layer will transform like the image above
7.   Click first frame in layer 2 and make a circle object (without stroke color) and set the color into radial gradient from white to black on color mixer panel. And set the position beside the text like the image below.

To remove stroke color click on the symbol .
to change the color double-click on the symbol

We can change the gradient by dragging the symbol to left or right 

8.   Make the circle move from left side to right side of the text using motion tween (like this post)

Don’t forget to added the frame in “mask” layer so the number is equal as the layer 2 by right-click and choose Insert Frame (shortcut F5). 

9.   Then test the animation by pressing Ctrl-Enter ^^

you can download the doc file here
or the Indonesian version here


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