Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Create an Object to Follow Cursor

Today I wanna share about how to make an object to follow your cursor. This tutorial is using Adobe Flash CS4 (because I wanna get familiar with this software :D) but it is still works if u use Adobe Flash CS3, just make sure u use the AS3 language. Before u move on check out the preview below:

In order to make that happen u can follow my instruction:
1.       Create a new file (Flash file (Actionscript 3.0)).
2.       Set the size of the stage to 500 x 200 (w x h).
3.       Create three layer name it “script”, “ball”, and “cursor”.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Membuat Link Tombol pada Macromedia Flash 8

Pada tutorial kali ini akan dibahas cara untuk membuat tombol yang dapat terhubung dengan suatu lembar isi (page). Untuk dapat membuatnya ikutilah langkah-langkah berikut ini:

  1. Siapkan Stage berukuran 550 x 400 pixel dengan fps : 30.
  2. Buat tulisan “HOME”, “CONTACT”, “PRODUCT” dengan menggunakan text tool(T) dengan font dan ukuran bebas. Lalu atur seperti pada gambar:

Simple Mask Animation with Macromedia Flash 8

Simple Mask Animation
Mask Animation works like we see an object through a mask. So the object will only visible in the hole of the mask. To create a mask animation you can follow my tutorial below:

1.   Prepare the size of the stage and the fps as you like (or just use the default) and change background color into black (#000000)
2.   Make a text “Light Effect” on the stage using Text Tool (shortcut T).
3.   Then set the font size = 40. The font type and the color is up to you
4.   Select the text and then press Ctrl-Alt-2 and Ctrl-Alt-5 so the text move into the middle of the stage

Motion Guide Animation with Macromedia Flash 8

Motion Guide
So that the motion tween can move follow our path that we create we can use the Motion Guide.

1.      Continuing from this tutorial, now right-click on layer 1 and choose Add Motion Guide. Then the timeline will transform into:

Motion Tween Animation with Macromedia Flash 8

Macromedia Flash 8 is a software that have many uses. Besides it can be used to make a cartoon animation, this software can also used to make an animation for the website, software tutorial, product presentation, interactive application, flash game etc.

The basic animation feature in Macromedia is motion tween. To make a motion tween animation you just set the first position and the second position of the object and then the object will move from first position to second position automatically. In order to understand about motion tween you can follow my tutorial below: